Welcome to the Montreux-Vevey area. Here you will find an incredible variety of film locations, from the deep blue waters of Lake Geneva to the year-round winter landscapes of Glacier 3000.

Along the way, enjoy a wide array of architectural masterpieces, from century-old castles to Le Corbusier’s Villa Le Lac near Vevey.

Local expertise is also readily available for film crews: location scouts, set decorators, camera assistants, sound engineers... you name it, we’ve got it! If you need help finding a local crew to work with, just give us a call!

The Montreux-Vevey region is one big open-air studio where most locations can be reached within minutes, and no single location is more than an hour away from your hotel. Enjoy the comfort of shooting in one of Switzerland’s most picturesque areas, while getting your work done quickly and efficiently, thereby saving precious time and money.